Farmer’s son,  Military career

The book is done, it is published and now it is ready for you to read and enjoy my story.


I am happy to share my experience growing up on the plains of South Dakota, completing grade school in a one-room school, surviving blizzards, including getting lost in our yard. I have virtually all positive memories, for example, I remember being in severe pain, but I don’t remember the pain. I can look back and see points where a different decision by me would have changed my life, but not necessarily better for me.

Achieving the highest enlisted grade in the Air Force is in ways the culmination of my military career. This career included service as an electronics technician, combat crew member, military training instructor, and scheduler for aircrews, missile crews, and administrative airlift missions within 5th Air Force, and aircraft operations management. I followed the tradition of my late brother Robert in serving a hitch in the military, 3 years for Robert and 30 years for me and then graduating from college.

Of course, life went on after the Air Force and I have included pictures throughout the time of my story to help you understand my story.