What do you remember when you were young and you used to go visit your grandparents’ house? Was it about being pushed on the swing or eating your favorite ice cream with them? Grandparents can sometimes be a handful but admit it, without them life would feel incomplete. Grandfathers, particularly, make such a strong impact on our young hearts.

  1. Inspiration. Having a grandfather is wonderful because they become our source of inspiration. When we see how far they’ve come after decades of living, we are inspired to do the same thing so that we may become just like them in the future.
  2. Emotional support. Sometimes we get in fights with our parents, and these occasions are easily predictable. Our grandfathers, who are the ones who know our parents, their child, best, will be there to listen to us and give us emotional support and advice.
  3. Wisdom. A man who has lived for decades is a man with many experiences. By then, our grandfather will have matured in so many ways that when we talk to them, it is wisdom that they are able to impart to us.
  4. Confidence. Our grandfather will always be our number fan. Even when they only get to support along the sidelines or they directly come at your face to cheer you on, they will do everything in their power for you to gain the confidence you need to achieve your dreams.
  5. Strength. Our grandfather is our source of strength. Realizing that they have managed to keep the family intact as they are fighting for their lives as well is enough inspiration for us to find strength also within ourselves.
  6. Motivation. When we are down and sad because of our problems, our grandfather will always be that one push you need to get back up and start again. With the wisdom he will be imparting, we will become inspired and motivated to do better.
  7. Blast from the past. What better storyteller will we have aside from our grandfathers? They can take us back in time for us to feel what they have experienced in the past. Grandfather make for good history teachers!
  8. Love. The love of a grandfather and any grandparent is unconditional. They were there when you were born and instantly became the apple of their eyes. You are very special to them, and even when they are old and can barely walk when they see you agitated, they will still find a way to calm you down. That’s what true love is.
  9. Parents. They are your second parents and the people who know your parents best. Your grandfather, particularly, will be your father as well as he teaches you the proper things you should do should your father be in absence.
  10. Support. When worse comes to worst, your grandfather will always be there, just waiting for you at the end of the road in case you bump into something unexpected. Just like your immediate parents, your grandfather will support you with your decisions and dreams for the future.