An Ode to my Father:

Today, when you are at work, I thought about you, Dad. Not only you but everything about you. At the very moment you left, you seem to bring the whole house with you. Every time you are out of sight, there is a link missing somewhere. We all understand you have to leave every day and that means you sacrifice a lot just to make ends meet. When you come home later in the day, you brighten up every room in the house. Thank you for coming home safe.

How do you love us? Let me count a few little things:

  1. You always come to the rescue. When everything fails and goes haywire, you always take control of the situation as if everything is in your good hands.
  2. You try so hard to play mom’s role when she is away. You love to tie a ribbon to your daughter’s hair and take pride in making a pigtail even if it is called ponytail. You lovingly put a flower on her head instead of tucking it behind the ears. And you never failed to say how that flower looked good on her forehead.
  3. Dad, you are the best playmate we ever had when we were little. Our home turns into a very big playhouse when you make use of mom’s precious collection as toys, and is not afraid to toss the glassware just to poke fun at us. You even turn my siblings into wheelbarrows at the same time piggybacking our pet dog.
  4. You always love to impress and cheer us up. When everybody is gloomy, you act like a clown even if your jokes are corny and awkward. You even laugh at your own mistakes just to let us feel better.
  5. For us, you are the strongest and toughest human being and yet, you have the softest touch. We call you the gentle giant. You can compromise the deal and always gives us another chance. You are always the negotiator in the family and very fair with every deal.
  6. Thanks for bringing food into our table, Dad. They may not equal the food in a king’s banquet, but you always serve it like we are in a first-class restaurant. I think the best restaurant we have ever been to is our very own kitchen and you are the best chef. Thank you for providing us our daily needs. You always look tired when you come home but you try hard to show that weary smile.
  7. You look at mom like you saw her for the first time. You always stare at her while smiling even if she hasn’t combed her hair. You do not forget to thank her for taking care of us and for taking care of you. Your surprises don’t stop at the honeymoon stage.
  8. Last, but not least, you are our mother chicken. You spread your wings to protect us from danger. We feel secure around you and your warm embrace says everything is okay. You are always a phone call away when we need your help. You show up in a jiffy regardless of any situation.

These are just a few of the little things you do for us, and we are forever grateful, Dad. Thank you for being the role model and for teaching and inspiring us what we have to do in the future. Lastly, you show your daughter what it takes to have a great husband and father. Thank you for teaching your son on how to love and live.

Dad, you are our hero. You are our superdad. Thank you.