How does one define a parent? For me, parents are my strength, my shock absorber, my life. They are everything to me. 

Parents are also called superheroes. They can do almost everything impossible. They are there for us regardless of time and condition. They will also take a bullet for us. Most of the times, they are there to defend us at the danger zone.

They come in different forms. Anybody can be a parent. It may be your teacher, the priest, an aunt, your brother, or friend. But to be a good parent means more. A true parent loves his/her children unconditionally.

We owe our lives to our parents. They gave us the gift of life. For them, we are the most beautiful individuals they have ever seen and held. When we were born, our parents took turns in feeding us and monitoring us while we are sound asleep. All their sacrifices are for us, leaving behind their own ambitions. They nurture us as we grow and with that, they are also building dreams for us.

This caring couple is flexible in all aspects. They are unconditional and always adjust for us. They always look after our well-being, not minding their own.

They are our first teachers. They teach us the first words before we enter school. The patience they show in teaching us is immeasurable. They provide us all the attention while we are growing up. Most importantly, they guide us in reaching our goals.

They are also our personal doctors. Before signs and symptoms even appear, our parents know that something is wrong and they are quick to provide first aid. Our parents are also self-made engineers. They build us our house made of dreams. They provide shelter and enough food on the table. They are just one call away. They will do everything beyond capacity just to protect and make us happy.

They are the best blessings in life. For them, we children are their best blessings but for us children, they mean more than just blessings because they taught us about life and living. They inspire us to be what we want to be and provide us with everything they can.

Our parents work like a dog. Our mother endlessly cooks in the kitchen day in and day out while our father reluctantly leaves home to provide our necessities.

At the end of the day, our parents are exhausted but once they see us, their faces light up and give us enough quality time. They make sure that everything is in its place and see to it that we are safe and sound before they call it a day.

We sometimes forget the importance of our parents until they are gone. It is never too late to show our gratitude to them. Let us thank them for all the sacrifices they have done from the time we were born until this day. In their eyes, we never grow old. They forever stay as parents and they always look at us like we were just born yesterday. We are very lucky to have our parents because we have become the individuals we ought to be.

Parents thank God for giving them children but let us also thank Him for giving us parents because no other individuals can sacrifice like the way our parents do.