For me, the most beautiful hands are those of farmer’s hands. They are smeared and wrinkled from planting and harvesting and raising farm animals; yet, they touch and hold the most valuable thing a man basically needs: food. These hands are responsible for our health and well-being. They produce what we eat and what we wear. Medicines too are derived from what they reap. Farmers play a big role in our lives. They do what we cannot. They sacrifice not for their own, but for others.

Come to think of it. Can we survive without farmers? Do we all have the green thumb to plant vegetables and trees? Is it easy to raise livestock? These people feed all of us. They provide clothing and medicine out of their products.

Farmers are intelligent human beings who know almost every aspect of life. They know when a storm is coming. They can identify which insects are called enemies. They can read the direction of the wind and follow sunlight. They know when their product is ready to feed people. They know how to make people happy and satisfied.

Most of all, farmers are passionate. They never take their job for granted. They are proud to show off their produce at its best condition. These farmers are unhappy when their products are not good enough. They would rather be empty-handed than to trade low-quality vegetables and meat.

They stay under the scorching heat of the sun and brave the coldest weather just to guard and check their land and livestock. They are out there for as long as they can. There is no rest day. They have no bonus. Yet, they provide us with the best. They do what is best for us. They handle their products with passion and pride.

Farmers are simple fellows with simple dreams. They do not long for a lavish vacation. They don’t yearn to buy that expensive wristwatch you are dying for. They do not aspire to be great people. All they wish for are good weather and enough rain to provide enough for us.

Farming is not a joke. It has a lot of enemies. It has a lot of requirements. It needs a lot of rain/water, but not much. It needs sunlight, but not much. It requires a lot of space and air. It needs ample time and patience. Uninvited pests and natural calamities are difficult to control. Prices in the market are also unpredictable. They will never know how much they earn until they reach trade.

I can’t thank them enough. All of us are connected to farmers. Yet, we only see the food we eat and the clothes we wear. They are seldom, if not included in our prayers. We thank God for the food we eat, but never the people behind it. We see them in the marketplace, yet, we never notice their presence.

Now is the time for us to thank them for everything they do for us. We should respect them and it would not hurt if we show our appreciation by thanking them for the tasty fries or the buffalo wings we had for lunch today. Most of all, we thank God for creating these skillful people who never cease to fill up our empty stomach.